Guest:  Jamal Jivanjee

Jamal Jivanjee is a best-selling author, podcaster, and full-time life coach. As an author with over twenty years of experience working with people in various stages of personal struggle and challenges, after traveling to many cultures around the globe, and now as a full-time life coach, Jamal has discovered the common roots of human suffering along with the sustainable solutions required to help people become liberated and empowered. Jamal is passionate about serving individuals, couples, and groups on the path toward enlightenment, wholeness, and liberation.

Do you live in survival mode? This is when one goes about their day-to-day life, trying only to survive without thinking about the future. Jamal started his journey in life, doing just this. When he worked as a correctional officer, he found that many inmates and correctional officers were doing the same. His life experiences went from being a correctional officer to being homeless and not wanting to live. Now he has learned how to live and helps others do the same.


Show Highlights:

·      Living for a Living while incarcerated

·       Mental prison perception comes before conception – physical prison

·      Escaping the mental prison

·       Examining oneself


1.) Correctional officers can play a large part in an inmate’s reform by knowing how to communicate (talk to versus talking at). Prison reform should include training for them.

2) People come to prison mentally long before physically. Most of this is due to being in survival mode. This internal change is all that’s needed to be successful. It can be done regardless of whether outer circumstances change or not.

3)  Inmates have a unique opportunity, even though in a difficult circumstance, to make some major and amazing changes.

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