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The book is a short poetic adaptation of the biblical story of Joseph’s imprisonment in ancient Egypt. While there, Joseph meets Butler and Baker who work for Pharoah. Both were imprisoned after committing an offense. Scripture doesn’t tell why they were in prison, but this rendition with childlike innocence spurs the imagination about why.

One night, Butler and Baker have a dream that only Joseph can interpret. For Baker, the dream spelled doom, but for Butler, the dream promised freedom. Using rhyming verse that even a child can understand, the story solves the mystery of release from captivity. Though there are many ways to interpret this story, the central message of the importance of honesty, truth, and forgiveness shines through.

A Prisoner’s Pardon

Only through a Father’s love

can freedom be found

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“Because I think I can get away with it.”

Looking into his eyes, Simone could tell her twin brother wasn’t joking. He really believed what he was saying. This was his answer to the question of why he kept getting into trouble.

“How could you think this when you keep getting caught?” was her next obvious question. It was 1985, they were in their middle teens and he already had an extensive record with the law. He blew it off, but the question stayed with Simone. It was then that she became burdened with trying to find the answer to recidivism. Here was her twin brother, caught up in some sort of delusion; when he kept ending up in jail, how could he fail to see that he wasn’t getting away with anything?


A Prisoner’s Pardon Trailer

Kingdom Princess Soldiers

Book One
The Unveiling

Her First Mission Was Herself

Due out Spring 2024!

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Now, the darkness pervades everywhere and through everything. This is what the King thought as he looked down at the world he’d created. He was almost sorry, he created it. He wasn’t though because he still loved creation and most especially his precious daughters. His princesses he called them. These are they that are born by his seed, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible seed.

It was time to start gathering them in preparation of bring them home. But, who to send to get them? It would not be an easy task for any of his sons. His one and only true son was waiting on him to give him the go ahead to get his bride. It wasn’t time yet. He will have to wait.

No, for this assignment I will send a daughter. “But all your precious daughters are on earth”, Helper said as he kicked his leg back and forth in the chair beside him. Even though the King said nothing aloud, Helper seemed to know always what he was thinking.

I will just send one of them. Hmmm…I first have to get her to know who she really is first. She will then go and get the rest. “Yes! That’s it.” He excitedly said, and his great voice shook the floor and spread the crystals even more sporadically around him. Helper just smiled along with him.
I will send the Helper too. Oh, it will be OK he said as he looked over at him reclining in the seat beside him. I know how they grieve you at times, but you love them just as much as I do. “Yes, I do King. I will gladly go and see to the first princess’s redemption.” He quickly interjected as excitedly as the king.

Ok then, you must tutor her first then the others about their noble rebirth being now descendants from me the Creator of all things. They don’t know who they are yet, but that will change. You must show them their now immortal destiny due to their now regenerated nature.

You will tutor her to rise up above the multitude to embrace her royal duties. I have bestowed on them my sovereign grace. They will love one another as I too love them. OK…chop, chop…see to it then. Go and get Christina first.

Unbeknownst to Christina, her life was about to change.

It’s time to bring them home…..This was now the King’s decree that went out all over the earth and all above it. The word spread and the excitement grew in the kingdom of light. The King was bringing home the lost princesses. One of the elders said, well I’m so happy, let’s go get their mansions ready and lets gather all their beautiful presents he has prepared for them. Another said, I’ll go get the food ready for the party.

On Earth below….
Christina, learns she is a princess and this person, who calls himself the Helper says he’s to be her tutor. Sent by the King of Kings her father, he was to teach her about her royal heritage and how she is to help rescue the other lost princesses her sisters. They were now in the world and being held captive by the evil ones from the Kingdom of Darkness. The ruler there is the mortal enemy of her father and of course to her to.

Not wanting to offend the old man, she carries on with what she thinks is some sort of charade arranged by her family. They loved to play jokes on her.

Not long after though, she realizes it’s no joke, when the Helper, disappears right in front of her and appears again across the room, saying he had to fight off a wayward evil one who operates in the dimension beside this one which is the spiritual realm, she comes to accept her real identity.

Now fighting the dark world, she realizes all the things she thought were accidents really weren’t but traps set for her to fail. As she maneuvers through all of them with the help of the Helper, Christina finds that the biggest obstacles are within her and those are her doubts to her value, her fears of rejection. She will have to overcome those as well in order to win the battles to come.

The Kingdom Princesses is a 12-book fiction series that takes you through the lives of 12 women who find out that they are princesses of the King of Kings.

Each story is built around real women who experienced traumatic events such as domestic abuse and rape to having a learning disability. Nothing graphic will be written so will be suitable for younger readers. Each princess’ story is different and it will be told with the added element of the spiritual world and how the scenes there may have been played. All spiritual realm scenes will be at the liberty of Kingdom Princess Pen but will be based upon scriptures revelation of the spiritual world. Nothing graphic will be written in the pages but what will be written is how the love of Christ and each princess growing love and devotion to her father the King saved each and every one of them.

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