Guest: Claude Williams Part 2

35 years in ministry

Master’s degree – Christian Counseling

Doctorate in Theology

Assoc. Min. Community Baptist Church of Greater Milwaukee

Youth Ministry since – since 1986

Women Prison Ministry – since 1992

Juvenile Detention – since 1996

Topic: Come As You Are

When a long-time inmate is released from prison, another sort of misery may be looming. How is he or she supposed to cope? We asked minister Claude Williams, who has been involved in youth and women’s prison ministries for decades. Among the highlights: his conviction that giving your life to God is key—no need to clean yourself up first. 

Show Highlights:

  • Bringing everything even our mess to God
  • Lack of humility
  • Prisoner’s not knowing what to expect in world
  • Family support and difficulty re-establishing those relationships
  • Church support


  1. Be Humble
  2. Due to time being imprisoned, lack of knowledge for society norms for example knowledge of current technology 
  3. Criminal record hindering their reputation and progress 
  4. Not knowing how to re-establish broken relationships with family members especially with children