Guest: Mike Oulton

Bio: Mike Oulton is a professional entertainer out of Vancouver Canada who was a career criminal. He spent 15 of his 46 years of life in prison and survived some of the hardest prison conditions by using his creative skills. Mike is also an author and co-wrote the book Dystopia which depicts two individuals with opposite views of the prison system where one is positive and the other negative.

Subject: Life of Crime to Life in the Prime

Show Highlights:

  • Get rid of negative people
  • Using past struggles positively
  • Professional therapy and how some use drugs
  • Special Note – this podcast DOES NOT advocate the use of drugs.
  • Advocating for art therapy
  • Impulsive behavior


  1. Inmates needs to see and take advantage of the opportunities in prison
  2. Therapy needs to be done while in prison
  3. Art is the missing link in prison rehabilitation

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