Title:  No Man Left Behind – God’s Redemption Plan

Question:  Do you fear or have concerns about being left behind somewhere? Are you afraid for your loved ones being left?                                                        Has a loved one gone on thru death or maybe are in prison?

Recent events in Afghanistan made me look at this. 

Scripture:  I Thessalonians 4:13-14; Exodus 6:6-9

Main Points:

·         Next event on the prophetic calendar 

⁃          Not for a photo op

⁃          No man knows when

⁃          Conditions are ripe

·         Jesus is our Commander and Chief

⁃          Authority

⁃          In Control

⁃          He won’t forget about us

·         No Man Left Behind

⁃          You do have to belong to him – All Called by His Name

⁃          Passport – Covered by the blood

⁃          He Knows our desperate condition

⁃          Promises Made Promises Kept

·         God’s Redemption Plan

⁃          won’t pull His angels out before time and the seals opened

⁃          won’t leave any equipment – weapons not carnal

⁃          Won’t need a veteran rescue groups like Pineapple Rescue Mission

⁃          God’s 7 I Will Statements That Starts and ends with I AM

⁃          I will bring you from under your burdens

⁃          I will rid you out of bondage

⁃          I will redeem you

⁃          I will take you to me for a people

⁃          I will be to you a God

⁃          I will bring you in unto the land