The Weapon of Music: It can break chains in the mind  


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From a life of sin, vice and darkness, the story of Eric Cohen, a Christian hip hop artist from Missouri resonates with our lives and the power of transformation through Christ and seeing the light of God. Have you ever been in dark times in the maze of this world when you felt lost and hopeless and no one to save you? Eric Cohen’s story is a reminder that God has your back regardless of your current situation and he can lift you up and give you a happy, fulfilling and rewarding life devoid of the pressures and frustrations of this world. 

Eric does not hide his sinful past and encourages everyone who feels burdened with the pressures of this world of materialism, violence and hopelessness to rise up, shake their dust off and have faith in our God whose abounding love sustains us all. Eric’s testimony is a reminder that we can live a life of honor, integrity, kindness and doing everything in the glory of God. He has released albums including Used to Love You, One Way, Pain, Lift you Up and Lead Em to Water among others. He continues to ministry and spread the gospel in his hip-hop music through his message of hope, faith and belief in God. May the Lord bless you as you listen to Eric’s testimony with the goal of changing your life, your family and those around you to the glory of God!  

YouTube Video – When You Die by Eric Cohen & Tunnabeatz

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Here’s the timestamps for the episode:

2:03    Introducing Eric Cohen to the World  

6:25    A life of sin, hopelessness and darkness 

13:45  Transition from darkness to light and realization 

19:33  Jump Starting a new life in God and Christ   

23:01   Personal reflection, belief and unwavering faith in God  

32:13   Struggles as a christian, family conflicts and asking the holy spirit for guidance 

38:11   Music as a channel to spread the gospel  

43:19   Conclusion: The importance of remaining in God’s spirit and faith


I believe that music has the power, to resonate in people's ears and minds to break chains, break oppression, and I believe that music is only second. To the word of God in the way it can connect to people, it breaks through everything the message of music and the way people vibe and film music, I believe that it has the power, to resonate in people's ears and minds. In a way that only the word of God has music breaks chains, in people's minds Hello, everyone, and welcome to a prisoner's part in podcast. This is me, TJ, and today we have a special guest. His name is Eric Cohen. Okay. He is a Christian rapper. Yes, I do host Christian rappers. I love them because they have them. The same message as any other preacher in the ministry of God, and Eric has a great message. And I want him to introduce himself because he's going to tell us how he got into doing music and just a little bit more about himself. And some of we're going to actually do some visuals this time. Yes. You're going to be, I'm going to be on YouTube showing these great videos that he has. Hi, Eric. How you doing? Hey, Miss Michelle. I'm doing great. It's a blessing to be here with you, young lady. Okay. Thank you so much. Tell. My audience, how you got into music and just your background. He has an incredible story guys. So listen up to what he has to say. So I was born in 1902. No, just kidding. No, I'll start off with the music part. So around three and a half years ago, uh, I wasn't at an all time low in my life. Uh, I had actually just gotten baptized, which was really cool. Uh, in the name of Jesus, you know, I just got baptized, but you know, when you do something good, the enemy's always right on your heels, trying to take you down and you know, I was no different. Uh, he caught me right when I came up out of the water and I ended up making a mistake, uh, acting out on my flesh. And I felt such a weight inside of me that I'd never felt before, which I now know is the Holy spirit convicting me, uh, that I had to come, uh, tell my wife what I had done. And that was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do because I told her, you know, and, and she crumbled, she fell apart, uh, with the information I just told her and it was, it was really hard to watch, you know, um, but by the end of it, you know, she kicked my butt out. Uh, kicked my butt out of the house for about three weeks, and I ended up sleeping in my truck for around two of those three weeks. And, uh, one day I was at the end of the cul de sac, just kinda chillin out. It was morning time. And, uh, I was contemplating suicide. I was about to eat a bullet. I didn't know what else to do. You know, I was just miserable. And, uh, I had just given my life to Christ, and of course, one of the worst things that's ever happened to me happened. Uh, you know, so I was just about to be done with it. And, uh, a beat came on my radio, on my YouTube, I was actually, uh, writing a poem. I love poetry. Uh, always liked Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, for some name drops, you know that I know. That good poetry Good people. Good people. Okay. Yeah, yeah. So, you know, I, uh, was writing some poetry this morning and, uh, a beat came on my radio and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, like, audibly spoke to me and said, I want you to rap this. I'm like You know, because I never had this gifted and here I am a 35 year old white guy. He's like, yeah, I want you Eric Cohen. I want you to wrap this. And, uh, you know, I was obedient with hesitation, but by the end of that experience, I had goosebumps all over my body. I was crying like a little girl and the only words I could utter out of my mouth over and over again were thank you, Lord, because I knew this was a gift from him and it was on that day. As soon as I received that gift, I made a vow to the Lord that I would only use it for his glory. You know what he's imparted upon me as a weapon of warfare, and it's a way to break chains, break oppression, and I believe that music is only second. To the word of God in the way it can connect to people, the word of God, it breaks through everything and music ain't much different, with the message of music and the way people vibe and film music, I believe that it has the power, to resonate in people's ears and minds. In a way that only the word of God has Yes, the word of God does break chains and it sounds like you know I like how you pointed out because some people think after you get baptized After you come to the lord that you just don't have any problems Will you admit it? That's when you're on you're you should be on standby, right? You are the target at that point. The the enemy is not looking for the ones he already have You know, he's trying to get Us, he wants us to change to his program, but you're listening to God I hope my audience understands that at this point, that's when you're more receptive when you're broken down like this. And I'm glad you didn't. Eat this bullet or but took a bullet for God and ate that and stay it in, you know, got that conviction. So tell me more. What else happened after that? So after that, you know, uh. Not too long after that, I came back to my house and, uh, you know, my wife showed me a lot of grace and mercy and forgave me for what I had done. Now there's still a lot of healing to do in our relationship and that may never change, but God has given me an opportunity to serve my wife and my family like I never knew before. Uh, so even in the midst of, uh, The darkness and the things that I had done, you know, God was still good enough to show me grace, even through my wife. Um, so, you know, I, like I said that day, I vowed to use this for the Lord. And that's what I've been doing ever since. Uh, so the last three and a half years have been crazy. Miss Michelle, uh, the Lord spoke to me and said he was going to use me in a mighty way. And he's been doing so, uh, I've been going to juvenile detention ministry, Uh every Wednesday night and getting to talk to the young ladies and young men over there. Uh, I do Online performances live performances, you know all with the the motive to preach the gospel message And that's what I love about being a christian artist because there's always a purpose to what I do and it's not Not to glorify self, but to glorify god, so it's quite amazing. Oh, wow so You I want to uh go back a little bit Because I believe you touched on, even though you didn't say the word, it was about forgiveness. You got some forgiveness from your wife, from God, and that is Very healing and you, we all need forgiveness and I'm so glad that you are starting to go through this process because forgiveness is a process and a lot of times the hardest people to forgive is ourselves. You said it right. So it was hard. You found that hard to do, even though, you know, as you were going through the process, I want to talk a little bit about that. Just because. Um, it's so important that people understand about forgiveness and, um, that's part of what the show is about. It's about a part and that's similar to, um, forgiveness. So are you still walking through that process or, and I like how you gave everything over to God and you realize that what you're doing is to glorify him. And do you think that helped with your process of forgiving yourself? Yeah, I absolutely do. Let me be very transparent and clear here. I have hated myself most of my life. Wow. Okay, good. You know, I grew up in poverty, neglect, addiction, all these different things that tried to take me out. And I was, I lived on the fringes of society, you know, I was an outcast, uh, and you know, I'd like to say it was in my own mind, but it was in the world. Uh, so I never fit in and I, I hated myself. I hated who I was, you know, from the labels that I had acquired. Uh, during my time interacting in the world, uh, but like you said, that self forgiveness, uh, when we are able to look at ourselves in the mirror and actually like the person we see, it's, it's a whole different ball game. And I do, I have to process this forgiveness daily, you know, because there's still those thoughts in my mind that pop up, like, you know, you're worthless, you're nothing, but that's when I have to make a choice to stand on God's truth. And it's not always an easy choice, Ms. Michelle. Let me be honest about that. Sometimes it's the hardest decision I have to make in a day. To believe what God says about me instead of what my mind's trying to tell me. But the mind is in the battlefield, young lady. Let me tell you that. Now, don't you stop preaching on there. You know I'm holding my hands up now. I'm trying to get happy over here. And you are speaking nothing but truth. It's just facts. And Oh, that cleansing. I can, I can feel, and I can, I can sense that depth that you have in you to that truth and so many of us, and I'm pretty sure you're not alone. There's someone listening that hate themselves. They're listening to the enemy out there, giving them labels, but the labels you should take is only from God because he knows you more than anybody else and better than you know yourself because God has so much for you that you didn't know you can do and you're going through this process with him. You will, he will blow you away all the time. So yeah, just tell me more like you came out. You're still working through this daily. I like how you said daily, it's daily. It's not over with. So as you're going through this process of this art, cause God is the master. And you're just a piece, okay? So he's creating this masterpiece in you, right? So you starting to spit this poetry out. He's telling you to do something like you haven't tried. You probably never even thought about it. It's like, you said you this white boy and he's telling you to rap. What do what you know, I grew up to the tunes of classic rock Delta blues Blues, you know definitely some rap in there, but it definitely wasn't the kind of glorified Jesus either You know, I grew I'm a 90s, baby. I grew up on Tupac Biggie Smalls Big Pond and Bone Thugs, you know That was my influence as a child, you know, but to have this gift Uh, like I said, that's how I knew it was an anointing and blessing from him and I could give him all glory and he did that for a reason. I believe, you know, so I would understand and I would be humble about what he's given me and it's just, I just want to point out to the audience to like, is that when we think we're. Nothing, when we broken down, that's when God can really use us and, um, you allow him to use you and just, he's building you back up. First he got to break you down and so that now he can mold you into what he wants you to be to glorify him. And so, okay, so now you this. Rapper down. What did you do? What was the first thing you did? Like God wants you to do this What did he tell you or how did you start just start rapping? So, you know it took a lot of faith to step out and actually start rapping because I am not Like I said, I didn't see myself as the person God saw me in the mirror. And so to step out in front of a stage, something I'd never done, or to step out in front of people and share this gift was probably one of the hardest things I had ever had to do. It's getting easier each time I do it, you know, and, you know, dozens and dozens of shows later, I'm finally getting comfortable in my own skin and stepping out and actually being able to let the Holy spirit work instead of staying in, in the way. Uh, but that is not the way it was, you know, I, uh, I started off with a lot of hesitation, uh, but let me tell you that God indwelled me with the Holy Spirit in such a way that I didn't have a choice but to move forward. And the first thing I did, I think, was talk to my mama. Her name's Letitia Cheatham, an amazing woman of God. Uh, now she ain't my real mama. She's my spiritual mama. I met her at church, uh, but she was the one. You know, I would have these visions and I would have these doubts in my mind sometimes. And she was the one that spoke God's truth to me in such a loving but unfiltered way. And I think we all need somebody like that in our lives. Somebody ain't willing to sugarcoat it, tell you exactly what's what and tell you to get your head out of your butt sometimes. That's what I needed. Wow. That's good. Um, a spiritual guide, someone, you know, that's what, you know, you said exactly what they need to hear because once you're out there and you, you're now you working for the Lord, you have to have wisdom. You have to have a person that's been there that can talk truth to you because the enemy is going to just be at you. He going to be all up in your head. And especially because right now you're like a bait, you're in baby Christ. So you're not. Fully processing what you're going through and what God is doing. With you for you. And so he sent miss Letitia to you and Now you're starting to feel comfortable. Are you you still working on it? Are you just are you there yet for is? Okay. God has me doing this and Now I'm starting to Walk in and really and getting more comfortable and comfortable. I'm listening to your music. It's like you sure you was Uncomfortable doing this and you, you look like you are made for it. And won't God do it? Miss Michelle, that's exactly what he does. He takes people that are broken and and considered useless in the world and he'll do something amazing in them and through them. And yes, to answer your question, I do feel a lot more comfortable doing what I'm doing now. I think I have a fully accepted what God has told me and what God has said about me. And I've accepted that as the truth of my life. And so there's no backing down at this point. I'm gonna go hard for my God, uh, through hip hop, through preaching, through evangelism, any way I can to get that word out there, because I know the grips of oppression and darkness, you know, and I also know the freedom and light of Jesus. He says his bond is light. He says, take my yoke upon your neck because my bonds light. Trust me, I know that other bond and I'm sure many other people who, uh, may listen to this podcast know that yoke of oppression and, and the weight of darkness as well. Well, I'm here to tell you that if you accept that white yoke, he's going to do something amazing in your life. Maybe it won't be rap, but maybe it will be evangelizing to. Whoever you meet and that's just as important. We are all in the same position as the body of Christ Ain't nobody higher than the next. In fact, it says that the humble should be exalted in the exalted should be humble So Lord, let me be humble. Hey the first gonna be last last gonna be first young lady. No start again I'm trying to keep this show I'm trying to like, okay, you elevate, but I'm like getting happy over here. I got to stop. Okay. Yeah. So I like how you say, and I'm sure everybody, myself, I've gone through it. When you start to step out and what God has for you, you have to trust the Holy spirit because you don't feel comfortable in that skin yet. You're saying you didn't see yourself that way. And it was the hardest thing. And I'm going through some things too, where it's like. You know, really? and He he I believe god loves us to be amazed by him and he is Amazing when you allow him and you step out there you did it. So you were um, You know you like polar opposites what we would look at at first as a rapper and i'm seeing your video like He's doing it He's good And thank you for being obedient And we have to learn how to be obedient and listen to God and walk the way he says, because it's not going to be comfortable at first, we got to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and in, um, and we at times feel inadequate for what God has said. Did you feel that inadequacy? Hey, I feel that every day to be honest with you. I feel inadequate, but that's where. I know that God keeps me humble. You know, he keeps me in this position to where I'm looking up all the time and I can give him all glory. So he keeps me, I feel like he keeps me in this position to where I feel inadequate. So I know how much I need him and I grab onto him on a daily basis. Wow. You are preaching, you know, you're preaching. I know someone is hearing this, not just me. And I'm getting so much word and, um, feeling from this. So we feeling adequate, God has something planned for us. Way more than we think and can't imagine and how do we not run away from it? I know people am I the only one am I is you're talking to just me don't run away, right? Eric, what do you say you you you what did you do? Like you walk through the process and you just it is hard Cause it's not comfortable. It's true. You know, and it just reminds me of the story of Jonah in the Bible, you know, Hey, that dude ran hard, even jumped into the bottom of the ocean saying, Don't we run? Don't we run? We do. We run, you know, and, and, and that's okay in a sense to run, but God's still going to use you. He's going to turn you right back around and put you right where he wanted you to begin with. You know, and I think that's the beauty of it, you know, and, and if you choose not to use your gifts, if you choose to bury your talents, you know, what do you end up with at the end of your life, knowing that you could have done something, knowing that you could have put faith in God and stepped out to what he was telling you to do, how do you account for that when you meet him face to face at that great white throne, you know, all to make sure he, when I, when I hit them gates, I want to hear, you know, Well done good and faithful servant. I don't want to hear Doug. I don't know your name. Who are you bro? Get away from me Yeah, that's the worst thing. I don't want to hear that nor do I want to hear Oh, I had this for you and that's for you and you ran away I had this plan for you. If you would have followed me, this is what You would have had, you know, it kind of reminds me of that movie. It's a wonderful life. And you know, you get to see what it could have been like, would that like upset you that you wasted and you are stepping out. This is for someone, this is not just for me. You're going to feel inadequate. First, you're going to be broken. He's going to be able to use you then you're not going to feel comfortable at all. You're going to want to run away and you got to sweat it. You got to, you're going to, I'm going to do this anyway, because I got to believe what he says about me and look at you now, look at you now, Eric. Amen. I'll tell you what, miss Michelle, he gives us a choice. Don't he, you know, we have this free will and it's quite amazing. Uh, so we have an opportunity, uh, to step toward him in faith. And trust that he is our maker creator and savior or we can step away back into the world and do the things of the world But you and I both know which one is more fulfilling at the end of the day And I would much rather, uh follow christ with all my heart Even if there comes adversity, even if there comes suffering in the name of jesus You know, I would much rather be following him than anything the world has to offer me because I know that stubs bunk Mm hmm. And let me, let me tell, uh, maybe it's not a secret, not to you, but let me tell the audience, it gets better all the time. You, it's not, this is the best. It's going to keep getting better. Each time you step out and you start doing, it's going to get better and better. Whereas the world, you didn't have the best. It's downhill for now and it's quick. It's a happy hour or whatever, but this is like eternity everlasting. And he's It's like fine line, it's just getting better and better and better and you can't, you can't get enough of it and you, and that's a different, that's a flip side. That's a switch from the world's point when you start following Christ, stepping out. So this is what you've got to look forward to. We already got heaven, but now we were when you're starting to be obedient and don't think Look where you say you was at your lowest, right? Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. You was contemplating suicide right on the edge right on the edge, so No matter what your background is If you've been locked up or not, you know, some people have these spiritual prisons as well. They don't understand that you actually start there before you go to a physical one. If you hit that spot. So you know, what are you telling your juveniles? You say you speak to the juveniles. What do you, you know, when you share your story, I'd like that you share your story and you're not sugarcoating it. You're, you're being raw and you're not looking, you're not being like the world. On social media. Oh, I got it all together. And then you find out later that these people are in a really bad spot condition because they're, they got this one face and what you're doing is the opposite. What we're doing is the opposite. And we're saying, no, we, we don't have anything. We, we were broken, but look at us now. Now you're, you're living and they've suicided out, you know? It's a, it's a different switch. So what do you tell your, what do you tell the young people? You know what? Uh, I believe, uh, just as I am on this show, I believe in full transparency, miss miss show. And so when I go into the juvenile detention center to talk to these young men and women, I'm completely open. I'll answer any questions they may have. Uh, but. There's the glory to my story and it always ends with Jesus, you know, because I let them know, yes, I've been through addiction. I've been through poverty, neglect. I've been in the same place as they were in, you know, I have been miserable. Most of my life, I spent it in misery. Uh, but I have a savior. His name is Jesus and he rescued me from the very depths of hell. And trust me, if he's willing to use somebody like me. He's willing to use y'all to, you know, and, and some of these kids ain't never had love. They ain't never had hope. They grew up with a hard life. You know, some of these kids that are sitting in these places, they are wards of the state. Their parents don't gave them away. They don't have anybody, you know, so I might be the only person that shows them love walking into that place for the next six months or maybe ever, maybe I'm the one that plants a seed for Jesus in them. So, you know, I just try to be completely open and honest. About what I've done, where I've been and where I'm headed, you know, and, and the fruits speak for themselves. You know, there's, there's no hiding actionable faith. And so as I show up each week and I walk into this place and they see my, my silly face every week, you know, they see me and they're like, okay, well this is Eric Cohen. And guess what? They're asking to, to get discipled when they get out there asking for mentorship. And that's exactly what I want. You know, I want to reach this generation and let them know who Jesus is because the world's fading away. We ain't got long left in this place, young lady. I'll tell you that. Don't you start. Don't you? It is true. We see, you know, um, we're not trying to save the world because we understand the world is destined to go down. It's like, we're trying to get them on the arc, so to speak, rescue the ones who wants to be rescued and let them know that there is an arc of safety for them and it's in Jesus Christ and you're Wow, this is a great message and I'm glad that you're going into these facilities and pointing out that people are not love. They don't know what love is and they haven't been shown love and you're bringing that hope. And they're probably thinking, uh, he's always been this way. Look at him. You don't look like you, you've been through the fire and you don't even smell like smoke. And that's, and what, that's how the Lord cleans you up and you got this joy about the you radiated and they're picking up on this. And I feel like they can talk to you. Not somebody that, oh, they have it all together and you really can't relate. You, you telling them, no, this is where I was. You can leave here actually now, even though you still physically there. That's it. You know, you look at inspirations like Corrie ten boom, uh, the young lady that found Jesus in a Holocaust in the middle of a, a concentration camp. She found Jesus and held on with all her life and survived. You know, we speak about. Finding joy in the midst of every situation. And it's possible, you know, you can look back through history or look currently, I bet, you know, five people right now that may have the most horrible situations happen in their life. But guess what? They still full of joy. Uh, my brother, he just lost his mama, but guess what? That young man is so full of joy. You couldn't even tell because he know mama don't went to heaven. So it does not. Again, it does not depend on circumstances outside circumstances is like, and that is peculiar that is different. And if we can get people to understand that to know, to be in Christ, that's what that means. And then look at you, you're a new creature. Amen. You weren't rapping. You definitely wasn't in no facility talking to juveniles about what Christ can do. How? I mean, it's for, he's, he's available. He has his hand now he's, he's beckoning us. Beckoning them. That's it. You know, all, all we got to do is reach out and take that step off the boat. Uh, no different than brother Peter did way back in the day, walking on the water. Come on now. Come on now. You speaking it. This is, I like this because you're speaking the gospel and you putting it in words that people can understand and relate to because now it's not just theory. I like the term you said, actionable faith. Actionable faith, you know, you're, you're putting his faith in motion and now, and as you walk out, you steady, God is exposing more and more. It's getting better. And what else do you talk to about, uh, to the juvenile? So, um, have you had any come out where you had to mentor them yet or, um, anything like that? So I have had the opportunity to speak to two young men on the outside. Uh, now one of them actually ended up back in a juvenile detention facility. So, uh, you know, it comes with understanding that even though we're planting a seed, uh, that say seed may not grow up right in front of you. And we may never see the fruit on this side of heaven. You know, we may never see it on earth. We may never see the fruit of what we did on earth. Uh, but, you know, we just have to be faithful and continuing to do what God's called us to do. And knowing that it has purpose, know that it has reason. You know, I, I think that's the most important thing that we don't lose hope and we don't lose faith, uh, in the fact that God's working through us and in us because, you know, sometimes we can get worn down, you know, and, uh, You know, it's in those times just no different than the Hebrews had to do in the desert, you know, uh, they was looking back when they should have been looking forward. Uh, don't recall the past. Don't recall them things that you think you long for in your flesh because they ain't doing you no good. You know, you look forward, you look forward to that, uh, that manna that falls from heaven that feeds us. So. I was just thinking what you just said. We don't, um, recall that past, but, but look for, is that why one can feel inadequate if they're looking the wrong way? Hey, it'll turn you into a whole pile of salt. Wow. Good point. So that's how you would feel inadequate in You have to look forward, maybe, hey, you speaking to me now, you speaking to me. So it's, the show is called a prisoner's pardon and you can be in a spiritual prison and not wanted to look forward and walk out in faith. That's a, isn't that prison? Yes. Wow. Don't recall the past, but to look forward and God has so much plan for you, possibilities. And you, did you imagine all the stuff that God has let you do to this, at the, to this point right here? Look, lady, I still can't believe it. Sometimes I really can't, you know, I go back and I listen to my songs or I'll listen to a beat and these words that just come to me, or I listened to the words that the Holy spirit, uh, indwelled in me to write down and I still feel disbelief. I'm like, Lord, this didn't come from me. You know, it's still, it's hard for me to see myself as who Lord has made me to be. Uh, so that's where I go back to that constant daily reminder and giving myself up to him, forgiving myself and understanding his truth about me. Forgiving myself, forgiving yourself, because that is a daily thing. And that's, what's hindering you for accepting what God has. For you and who you really are. Yeah. And you said you still can't believe it. I'm still in awe. And I think that's what the Lord wants. You know, he says, fear me. And that fear don't mean be scared and go run in the corner and hide. But that means that the fear of the Lord should leave you in awe. You know, it should leave your jaw dropped. And that's what the Lord does when he starts working in you and on you, he does leave you jaw dropped. You ain't got no choice but to go pick your job off the ground because he gonna do something amazing. I mean, that's the word amazing. He is amazing. And just to hear you, your confirmation on it, when you, you won't be disappointed when you trust him and step out. You don't know how he did it. You still be scratching your head. How did he get you over here? And it's going to be so. You couldn't have made this up. How did all that align? How did that connect there? How did you meet that person? How did you were there right on time? They happen to be right there. It's no accident. No. It's no accident. So I want people to understand what you're saying here. So you can't go on your feelings. Emotions because you're not there yet. You can't even, you said you don't even, you still can't believe it. So you already over here, let alone when you were back there to try and believe it and you still over here, can't believe it. And you didn't went through it. Yeah. Amen. That's right. That's right. You know, and that's why I have no choice, but to step out in faith on a daily basis, because. If I were to go on my own feelings, what I thought about myself, the inadequacies that I feel, I'd still be stuck in a bubble, uh, burying my talent in the ground, you know, and then the Lord be like, hey, wicked servant. You know, and that's not what I want, you know, I want to make sure I am multiplying what five times, 10 times, two times, whatever he gives me. And I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it make sense and make money for the Lord and not not money. Like we see it, but yeah, that eternal treasure. Yeah. What are you sending yours up where it won't be destroyed, you know, and I like how you pointed out wicked servant. And most people would think, like, you did something really bad, what we call wicked. All it is that you didn't believe him and step out. That's wicked. You calling him a liar, right? Come on. Hey, amen. You calling him a liar, like, hey. He's what, what did he say? Taste, taste me and see, Hey, amen. Taste me and see, ain't that the truth? And once you taste, yeah, Hey, he's, he's almighty and all good. Wow. I feel like stuffing my feet right here, but yeah, I like that. And how, um, I wanted to talk about too. So, uh, what is it with your family? Did you, what's going on there? I know you're married, but do you have any siblings? Um, is there any other potential rappers that's coming out of your family? Are you just like a phenomenon? So my daughter has taken quite an interest in the music, which is amazing. You know, in fact, I've actually, I'm working on a song with her called at last. And, uh, I, if you don't mind, I'm gonna read you her part. Go ahead. Is that okay? Sure. Give me one second. Play the theme music for jeopardy. Dun, dun, dun, dun. Um, so. Her part goes and she's just got to memorize it to say it, but she goes, he used to serve the devil. Now it's me and him together. My daddy is a shield. We'll walk with God forever, forever, forever, chasing God together. We'll walk with God forever. We'll walk with God forever, you know, and, and this was from her thoughts. I helped her. Wow. I helped her make it make sense for a rap song, you know, as, as far as a hook goes, but this was her thoughts, you know, she sees me as, as, as a shield protecting her from, uh, the whims of the evil one, you know, because he's lurking everywhere, especially in the family, trying to destroy us. Uh, but she has definitely taken con to, to music. She loves music. Uh, so I'm praying that, uh, she'll be able to use that anointing, uh. For the glory of God as well. And as far as my siblings, I do have one sister and my father, but that's actually I'm actually from a Jewish family. And so everything I'm doing. Yeah, I'm a Cohen. So biblically Cohen means priest. It's in the first. Two chapters of the Bible. Wow. I think it's in Exodus. Yeah. Cohen means priest, uh, which I thought was amazing. It is amazing. Right? Like he, he done made me a ruler and a priest according to my name, Eric Cohen. Okay. So I'm like, all right, that means something. Okay. Amen. It does just like it did biblically. Uh, but with that being said, you know, there's a lot of. Feedback from that side of the family because I'm chasing Jesus. I'm chasing the Messiah that they don't they don't believe in, you know, so I get a little bit of feedback or a little bit of gruff from that, you know, and my dad's going through some hard times right now. I keep trying to point him toward the Messiah, but he just he lacks understanding right now and that's okay. Yes, because when the Lord's ready to show him, he gonna show him all the way. Oh, and ain't no doubt. Look at you, you, you further amaze me. You Jewish on top of it. Oh my goodness. That's, you know what? Our guy is amazing. You know what he can do. And I love this about this healing and forgiveness. I love how you're discipling your daughter and that she came up with the words to hook and how I just know God can hook. He's already hooked us, you know, we fishermen, we fishing. And he, God has the perfect, you know, we talk about the music, the hook, you know, that good hook, but God has the best hook. You know, we just trying to catch up to him and he uses music and I know some people may look at. Christian rap and they may say certain things. Did you get any of that flat? Cause I saw, I saw your, um, your stuff on Facebook and you was at church. And I was like, I was looking at the audience, but I couldn't see the audience while you were. Um, performing. I wanted to see them too, like what was their reactions to you? Cause I would never think that they would listen to rap at all. So I may need to go back and look at it, but I was like, okay, I don't think she listened to rap. I don't think he listened to rap, but you were like going at it. It was like, you did not look nervous. You look like you've been doing this a long time. And it was in a setting. That you would normally, not see the rap, like in the church, like where the choir would perform, someone come and sing a solo selection and hear you up there spitting a word out and rap. So what did they, what were they thinking? What were their reactions to? What were the reactions to your song? So that particular instance, it was absolutely amazing. I actually got invited by my pastor, pastor Clint. Uh, what an amazing man of God he is. He's, uh, he's a true leader. And you know how I know that because he serves. With all his heart, he's unlike so many other pastors I've met. Like that man of God is amazing, but he hit me up on Thursday or Friday before the service, he says, Hey bro, you want to come do on the edge, which is the song I did on the edge and it speaks to suicide and You know the darkness of life, but who we can call out to um, but you're right, you know Most of the people in that audience and in fact in a lot of audiences I go to May not be privy to hip hop But that's the thing about mixing it with the word of god because the word of god never comes back void You know, so they're always going to get a message out of what i'm spitting because it's always going to be god's word Uh, and so even with that being said, you know, I have I've had 70 or 80 year old men and women come up to me and talking about, you know, I don't listen to hip hop. I don't listen to rap, but I like what you're doing because they hear the fruit in the message. You know, there's, there's no denying fruit, you know, he says we know each other by the fruit. And so there's no denying what's coming out of the music, whether it's real or false, you know, we're going to know. And so I think that that is able to supersede whatever feelings people may have about. Uh, the genre of hip hop, but I've also been hit on the opposite end where I've been told that Hip hop doesn't belong in the Christian community, you know, uh, or rock and roll for that matter, you know, but won't the Lord use anything for his good. He can take the worst of things and use it for his glory. He has no limit, no bounds, and he ain't no box. I promise you that. I definitely, I, you know, I keep remembering that mule, the mule, when he used to talk, he could use, uh, animals and open up their mouths to you. So. That was amazing. I'm, I'm going to make sure I have one of your videos playing because I want them to see you because you look like you've been doing this a long time. I love whoever produced your videos is I think they did an awesome job and you're acting in the way you, it just looks like you just been doing it a long time and you've been doing it. How long? Uh, just a little over three and a half years now, uh, right in the midst of COVID is when I inherited this amazing gift and anointing. Wow. Um, I like how you say that it is a gift and I think we all have a gift of some sort, but if we, we have to listen to God and. Listen to your story. I'm sure you are getting hooks, you know, hooking other people and letting them know that it's God working through you and that they can do the same thing. I love what your shirt was says grace, grace. I can say grace over grace. Oh, lovely. That is awesome. You got merch and stuff too. So is that part of your merch? Uh, no, this is actually from a brother of mine, uh, his name's Robert and he's part of the new tribe crew, crew that I represent. It's my label, my label mate. Oh. Uh, so I would be more than happy to share his information with anybody who wants a Gray Silver Grace hoodie. And I do also have merch, I have shirts, but I need to order some more. Which costs money that I don't have yet. So I'm gonna have to work on that. God is amazing. He's heard that and we are definitely praying for you for that. So what else would you like to say to our audience before we end this? Great interview because I I'm going to make sure I play Your video at the end, so that people can see you, I'll definitely put everything in a show notes how to contact you. If people want to have you on their show, if they're having, I'm pretty sure you're taking bookings. If people want to have you out to perform for them and like, where are you located out of. Hey, I'm in, I hate to talk smack on any other city, but I'm in the best city in the world, which is Kansas city, Missouri. Oh, all right. Okay. I'm not mad at you. I'm not mad at you. So they can contact you if you, if they want to have you on. their network, or if they haven't any kind of festivals, you go to Christian festivals. I'm sure and just do your performances. are you open to come into other facilities? Like, detention centers, talking to juveniles, different places, stuff like that and, Probably, I'm hoping people more open a door for you, for the young people, because rap is a tool that can be used for getting good messages in. And I think like what you said, there's no denying the fruit. Yeah. That's amazing. That is amazing what you said. So they have to look at it that way and don't look at, okay, you trying to put God in a box. Mm. That's a mistake, ain't it? You, how can you put him? He is not, he didn't, he just was in that tent that time for our purpose. when he was traveling, he wasn't, that's not his house, you know? Yeah. Anyway, you know, so anyway, uh, that's why all I have in, uh, what's, what's the last thing you wanna say to the audience before we end the show? You know, miss Michelle, the only thing I really want to tell everybody who's listening is. You know, you may have experienced adversity. You may be stuck in adversity and suffering and darkness right now. Uh, but I'm here to tell you that God will and can pull you out of that darkness and he will use you for his glory. And there's no wonder that you're stuck in darkness right now. The enemy wants to take you out. That's the truth of it. The enemy wants to take us all out and he's going to do anything he can to destroy you, to stop you from stepping in to the role that God has for you. So don't believe the lies of the world. Don't, don't be stuck in that darkness anymore. Reach your hand out in faith and understand that we have an amazing God. Uh, and he may not. Take away the afflictions. Uh, I'm still afflicted in many ways. Uh, but I'll tell you what the Lord walks with me through every one of them and he tells me his grace and his mercy is sufficient for me. And I believe that wholeheartedly because I've experienced it. Oh, awesome. Awesome testimony. And again, I hope everyone in the audience. Gets this great, amazing message from our God using Eric Cohen as a vessel. Remember, I'll have all this information in a show notes, and I will be playing a video after this. Thank you again, Eric, for being on my show. Yes, ma'am. And thank you for having me. God bless. God bless. Everyone, thank you for listening and may you have a week filled with blessings.