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What happens when you get arrested at 18, get locked up for 20 years for a mistake that you technically did not commit? Listen to the inspiring story of Cherita Rayford as she narrates her experience which started with offering someone a simple ride and how this got her in trouble with the law. From a broken family relationship since childhood, her own mother getting incarcerated for 13 years, giving herself hope while she was locked up and the support from her grandmother that kept her going in prison, Cherita is a strong woman who did not give up despite her circumstances. The lesson here? Get busy, focus on personal development, join a sport you love, stick to your goals and do not get distracted. 

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Here’s the timestamps for the episode:

05:32 How Cherita got herself in trouble with the law 

08:18 Life behind bars and experience 

11:30 Family ties, her grandmother and mother 

12:19 Working on herself, taking GED and studying law  

15:25 Reflection on her actions, living with consequences and taking action 

19:35 Death of her grandmother, support from her mother  

27:48 Getting out, reforming and relationship with her kids 

28: 20 Conclusion: Mentoring the youth and educating them