Today’s show looks at both a governor’s pardon and God’s pardon. The focus is on the similarities and differences between the two.

Show Highlights:

  • Definition of pardon
  • Through one person
  • Forgiveness from judgment
  • Restoration
  • Confession
  • Peers
  • Perishable vs Imperishable
  • How long before a pardon request can be made
  • The offense origination
  • Who can apply
  • Costs
  • The granting of pardons
  • Book A Prisoner’s Pardon, Only Through A Father’s Love – Available on Amazon

For help with a pardon application email


– A Prisoner’s Pardon Book by C.C. Skye

 Book Trailer:

Amazon Link:  A Prisoner’s Pardon: Only Through A

Father’s Love: Skye, C.C., Foth-Regner,

Kitty, Fallahee, Kate:

9798988355625: Books

On sale now on Amazon is the long-awaited book A

Prisoner’s Pardon, Only through a Father’s love, can freedom be found. It is

just in time for Father’s Day and would make a wonderful gift for any father.

It shows just how important a father is needed and that the father is not just out of

the family house but also the house of Government and the Church house. All

three institutional houses are broken, and only through God the Father can

restoration be made.


For those in book clubs, C.C. Skye has a great offer. If you are interested in doing a question and answer with her about the book A Prisoner’s Pardon, email

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