Community Service is Key to Healthy Communities – Guest Eddie Moore

Eddie Moore is a retired Nursing Assistant and works now as a mentor for Partners in Hope in Wisconsin. After leaving prison, Eddie’s Parole Agent referred him to Partners in Hope. He has never left. He’s now a partner.

Whether you are involved in community service is a question on the Wisconsin Pardon Application. It’s an important question that we talk about in this episode. In the end, we find that it’s not just important for those seeking a pardon, but for all, as it builds healthy communities and reduces the rate of recidivism.

Show Highlights:

· Helping others is an opportunity

· Partners in Hope and its positive environment

· Men leaving prison getting needed support

· Community Service is an important question on Pardon Application

· Promotes Responsibility and Confidence

· The building of relationships between police and the community

· Building Communication Skills

· All community members should get involved

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