How to Receive a Pardon – Guest Syreeta Owens

Syreeta Owens has overcome her past and is now on a new path in life, all because of receiving a pardon. Admittedly, Syreeta acknowledges her past mistakes, leading her to have a felony record early in life. She wanted forgiveness, and that’s just what she received under Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. Since then, she’s led an exemplary life. She has a BA in Social Work from UW Milwaukee; she is an advocate for Domestic Abuse victims and currently works for the State of Wisconsin as a Probation & Parole Officer.

Show Highlights:

· Pardon opportunities closed under former Governor Walker.

· Her father inspired her to go for a pardon

· Difference between Expungement and a Pardon

· Wisconsin Pardon Requirements

· Pardon Process

· Pardon Board and the questions they ask

· Social Media cleanup is a must

· Similarities of Pardon from Governor and Pardon from God

· Updates to Pardon Process

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