Do you think our government needs some checks in place? Do you feel hopeless in reporting injustices about our government to the government? Today we are seeing large abuses of power from lawyers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, police, FBI, senators, aldermen, and women. This doesn’t cover all the offices, but you know what I mean. Do you think it’s time to put some laws in place and have it take swift action to hold corrupt officials accountable?

Tony Viola, my guest today, is working on doing just that. He knows from experience how government officials can destroy lives. Listen to his story; I did, and regardless of whether I know all the facts, I know some are true from experience, and I bet you do, too.

Tony Viola, a Cleveland, Ohio citizen 10 years ago, was an ordinary successful real estate broker, having built his company with his wife. That all changed in a moment when the FBI charged him with embezzling over $46M in funds. He spent over 10 years in prison before winning his second trial from prison and being exonerated after a whistleblower came forward. He is continuing the fight by bringing a public awareness of what’s happening and getting citizens to unite so that corrupt officials are held accountable.

Show Highlights:


· Tony’s Arrest

· Prosecutors who plan to win at all costs

· Government corruption

· Truth not pursued, but attention instead

· They think they are doing the work of God

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Wrap up: That was the first part of the show with Tony Viola. Makes you wonder whom you can trust. Truth and justice are fundamental to our society being able to function properly. There’s no compromise permitted here. In the end, all will have to face a higher power who is incorruptible. I hope all recognize it, especially those in leadership. Their recompense will be very costly if they don’t change course. I know some think there will be none. Right now, we see the shadow of coming judgment. See Tony’s website for citizens to unite to help clean up the house of government.

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