Repairs of the Breach – Don’t Forget to Count the Homeless

Event:  April 8, 2023

Community Day

Repairs of the Breach

            Resource center for homeless adults

            1335 W. Vliet Street

            Milwaukee, WI

            Open: 7 am thru 3:45 pm Monday thru Saturday

Sponsors: Sons of Allen, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Common Grounds Institute, St. Mark Church in Indiana, Pure at Heart Ministries and Kidtown Daycare.


Mr. Pope–Inspirational Recording Artist and Chicago Public School Teacher

Quincy Harker – Inspirational Recording Artist from Milwaukee

Guest Interview: Reverend Jerry Davis III

Coordinator for the 4th District Sons of Allen, the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He is the Pastor of Cross Roads AME Church and the Chairman of the Board of the Common Grounds Institute.


Show Highlights:

· Sponsors

· Honey Dos

· Volunteerism/Servant

· Men’s ministries

· Partnerships

· How small things can help many

Contact Information:

Repairers of the Breach – Milwaukee, WI

Welcome to the 4th

District (

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1.) Volunteerims

a. Serving the spiritual and physical person

b. Imitate this in other parts of the country

c. Partnerships

2.) Social Determinate health

a. 20% Hospital

b. 80% Social

  3.) The importance of the arts