Kristin Henning is the author of the book Rage of Innocence: How America Criminalizes Black Youth.

She is a Blume Professor of Law and the Director of the Juvenile Justice Clinic and Initiative at Georgetown Law. She and her law students represent youth accused of delinquency in Washington, DC. some honors she’s received are the 2021 Juvenile Leadership Price, the Robert E. Shepherd Jr. Award for Excellence in Juvenile Defense from NJDC, and the Shanara Gilbert Award from the American Association of Law School.


Show Highlights:

· What we should not be policing

· Rethink how our penal system works

· Mental Health

· Protecting our children

· Parenting is not a police job

· Families, as well as the police, need education

· Decriminalizing certain behaviors

· Looking at all views

· Protecting what children witness

· Effects of social media

· How some systems are being weaponized in error of its purpose


1.) Perception of juvenile crime and our responses

2.)  Possible solutions

a. Reimagining how police should be used

b. Educating public – holistically parents, children, schools down to police and schools

c. Decriminalizing some behaviors

3.) Harmful effects of media.

a. Being careful what’s put out for children to see

b. Harmful to adults too

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